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Paksa Tri
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my furaffinity…
my facebook is Paksa Tri
name Paksa Tri
nickname Meeka
live in Thailand , Samutprakan

PS. NO rainbowrocks


At the personal working room, there is a fox in white coat with black shirt and trousers, sit in front of floating computer screen. She is Dr. Lacrima. She is quite easy to remember course her marks at her face. She is working with her file just like every days. But today is different...
"Is your part finish yet?" Her partner, Dr. Snowbell ask. But she like to call her "Bella"
"No... My computer turn off by itself when I'm gone. Now I have to redo everything." She reply.
"Oh, ok. But remember send it tomorrow morning. Don't be late,ok? My part is also quite hard, too. But I will my best. See ya~♥" Then her partner gone. Leave Dr. Lacrima work alone in the small dark room.
"Tomorrow morning... Are you kidding me?" She sigh. Then back to work for hours.
[save? Y/N]
"Turn off."
"Stupid technology."
The tired fox walk toward to her bed. And fall asleep in short time.
When she woke up. She doesn't on her bed anymore. She is in somewhere else. Around her is nothing but black.
Suddenly there is a mystery sound come from behind her. She slowly turn her face to source of the sound.
It was a teenage girl with long messy hair walk slowly toward to her. That girl didn't show her face. Her body is cover with blood and scar. Her cloths are tear apart and also cover with blood. It look like she was fighting with something.
That girl still walk and say the same thing again and again.
Doctor know this is not right. She try to step back away. But however she did. She still in the same position. The girl's still coming.
"You said you can control this."
"You said there is nothing bad."
"You said it will be fine."
"You said I'm special... No one want to throw me away."
That moment doctor has already tried to run way as fast as she can. But she still can't go anywhere. Suddenly the girl grab her collar which is the translator. She force to turn back to the girl.
"You said to me you can fix this..."
"Then why you banished me to here!!!"
The girl show her face. Her eyes are black and red iris. She is crying with tears of blood. Her face full of sadness and soreness. It's strange that Dr. Lacrima have no fear at all. She was scare. But now she feel like this person... She has met her before.
"You are-"
Sound from alarm clock wake her up. It's morning already. She is in her bed.
"It's just a dream..."
But there is something wrong with her arms. They got scratched by something. Something that kinda like claw.
"Didn't get sleep enough + concern in work. And have bad moments in life = the bad illusion that the come out from your brain. Or for easy is nightmare. In some case they strangle themselves. Maybe that illusion is too terrible for them. But look! You only got... little scratch. You're fine." Dr. Bella explain while she bandage her partner arms. She still has her smile on her face like always.
"Just get some rest,ok? I will continue this work. Don't worry. You know I'm Bella~. Good morni- ... I mean Goodnight, my partner."
"If that is really just a dream..."
The end
Still here Eng
my best... TT if there is anything wrong... sorry...
Thai ver.

Dr. Lacrima is "the original Lacrima" in another universe.
She kinda have a lot secret behind her.

the original Lacrima by xXSchattenschmerzXx
art and story by me
What Is It Little Friend? by paksa
What Is It Little Friend?
another art to contest even MLP on facebook (TH)
wow this is the first time that i do this. i can paint it. and i didn't sketch at all. i just paint this.

my art is improved. and i don't know it. this is creepy...

art by me
Fluttershy from MLP:FIM Pony g4

PS. NO rainbowrocks

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